Machine Learning and Data Science Intern

Paris, Île-de-France, France


We are looking for a Data Science Intern to join Dataiku in our Paris office for a 6-month internship. As a part of the Data Science team you will work on algorithms to gain insights on multi channel marketing attribution use cases.

Marketing attribution is a vast and complex subject, see e.g. this blog post for an overview. We will first focus on online marketing attribution but depending on our clients needs, the internship can evolve toward other (offline) channels. The overall goal of the attribution model is to quantify how much of each channel contribute to the goal of the marketing campaign, so as to optimise resources accordingly.

The internship will consist in:

- Familiarising yourself with a bibliography (starting with this post or this paper for example)

- Defining a methodology to assess models

- Testing different approaches on real world data

- Developing or packaging the different approaches

You are our ideal candidate if:

- You are comfortable coding with either R or python

- You know that bagging and boosting trees is not about gardening

- You don’t want to be correlated with success but actually cause it

- You want to work in a startup environment.

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