Data Science and Machine/Deep Learning intern (time series)

Paris, Île-de-France, France · Data Science


We are looking for a Data Science Intern to join Dataiku in our Paris office for a 6-month internship.

There is increased interest in using AI to better diagnose health problems -- can an algorithm accurately detect who is going to have a heart attack in the next 5 years? As a part of the Data Science team you will work on using artificial intelligence and machine learning (e.g. neural networks) to analyze biohealth data, such ECG, EEG, and polysomnography data.

We will be focusing at first on using signal processing and deep learning to design an algorithm that use biohealth data to detect increased risk of negative health outcomes, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, all-cause mortality, and hypertension.

The internship will consist of:

- Familiarising yourself with a bibliography, with a focus on ECG data, neural networks, and signal processing
(starting with these papers for example)

- Building models leveraging classic approaches to processing biohealth data, signal processing, and neural networks

- Testing for generalization across datasets

- Building interactive visualization tools -- webapps, D3js, R Shiny, etc

- Developing, packaging, and deploying our solutions

You are our ideal candidate if:

- You are comfortable coding with either R or python

- You are comfortable or willing to learn sophistical webapp and data visualization

- You know that bagging and boosting trees is not about gardening

- You know that dropout is not about leaving school at age 16

- You don’t want to be correlated with success but actually cause it

- You want to work in a startup environment.


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